The students listed below have achieved CEIL® accreditation

This award recognises Budmouth student interns who have successfully shown they have professional awareness and competency, measured against a CEIL® benchmark, which they have developed during their internship in the Centre of Excellence.

Accredited members of the CEIL® have been described by local business and industry partners as being ‘HD Ready’; these students have applied for accreditation on the basis of case study evidence, presented at a viva, to a panel of employers.

Each of the student interns below has a certificate issued by the CEIL® , explaining the detail of their internship and associated achievement.

Samuel Barker
Henry Bell
Ella Green
Mary-Beth Hamilton
Darcy Hansford
Tianna Harwood
Trevona Jolliffe
Samuel King
Matthew Robinson
Amelia Rookes
Emily Russell
Freya Stanger
Jodie Stone
Erin Stow
Emma Stubbs
Jackson Sweeting
Holly Thomas
Keira Toombs
Rose Treglown
Thomas Wheeler

Non-Accredited Members

The students listed below have fully participated in an internship at the CEIL® and fulfilled the minimum time requirements of the programme; but have not completed a professional assessment.

Katie Honebon
Alana Lapworth
Jacob Saddington
Marco Saunders
Shakeel Shah
Omar Shalim
Chloe Spearing
Toby Webber
Amelia Wills
Blair Wilson


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