Year 7 Tutor Evening Letter September 2021


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Parents’ Evening – How to make an appointment

Parents’ Evening – How to attend appointments over video call

*Known video call issue with iOS 14.2

Parents or teachers joining a video call using an iPhone/iPad running iOS 14.2 are likely to experience stuttering audio which may stabilize itself after some time.

This issue is not specific to SchoolCloud Parents Evening and affects joining any video through the Safari browser on iOS 14.2. This is caused by a bug in iOS 14.2 which is logged on Apple’s bug tracker.

What should I do?

If you have an upcoming event which takes place by video call, we recommend you contact parents/teachers to advise them not to use Apple devices running iOS 14.2.


Parents’ evening dates

17th March 2022 – Year 7 Parents’ Evening

27th January 2022 – Year 8 Parents’ Evening

2nd December 2021 – Year 9 Parents’ Evening

11th May 2022 – Year 10 Parents’ Evening

13th January 2022 – Year 11 Parents’ Evening

14th June 2022 – Year 12 Parents’ Evening

9th December 2021 – Year 13 Parents’ Evening

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