The options process for Current Year 9’s starts in February – this information relates to the current year 10’s.

Welcome to Budmouth Academy’s virtual options process. It is such a shame that we are unable to hold our Options Evening in person and enable you to meet the students currently studying the subjects that you are interested in, so you can see their work and ask them questions about their experience.  We are however able to provide a range of resources to help you gain a better understanding of the courses available and their suitability.

We hope you find these resources helpful in finalising your options and remember that staff are available to answer any questions you may have.

Please take the time to view this presentation which will provide guidance for the process and the key information about the KS4 Curriculum.

virtual options booklet

Options Booklet 2021 Download

This booklet runs through details for the courses undertaken as part of the core/compulsory KS4 curriculum as well as each one of the option courses.

Links to Careers guidance and presentations.

Even at this age there are very few choices you can make that would completely close off your future opportunities. The choices you make at the end of Year 11 will be much more significant in terms of your long term plans. However, there are some links that you may find interesting to look at. They may even get you thinking about a change in career! 

Subject Related Careers Information for Students and Parents

Course Information Presentations

Art Business Citizenship Dance / Drama D&T Comp Science D&T Creative iMedia
D&T Engineering D&T Food and Nutrition D&T Graphic Design D&T Resistant Materials D&T Technology & Computing D&T Textiles
English Geography Health and Social History Maths MFL
Music Religious Studies Science Sport BTEC Sport Core Sport GCSE

Personal contact with the course leader/teacher.

There will also be the opportunity to communicate with staff in each department. This is not compulsory for you to use, but it will enable you to ask individual questions if they have not been answered through the subject presentations and options booklet. This can be done via email, or via a virtual option evening discussion on 18th March between 4pm and 7pm:

Click here to open the Parent Evening System


Online Options Form to submit your option choices by 24th March.

This form is quite straightforward but do get in touch if you have any questions.  A prompt return will enable us to progress the options process to the next stage without delay.

Google Form Link

We will see you back at school soon and we can support you in your option choices in person.

Peter Hudson

Vice Principal

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