KS4 Dance Curriculum Statement

GCSE Dance Specification

KS4 Dance Curriculum Overview

KS4 Curriculum Overview

Raising Achievement Evening

Yr 11 Raising Achievement Eve Sept 2022

Yr 11 Key Dates for Parents

Dance revision booklet


dance marking criteria

GCSE Marking Criteria

dance anthology works


GCSE Dance Subject Specific Vocabulary

Subject specific vocabulary

Anthology Professional Dance Works – Fact Files



Emancipation-of-Expressionism FF



Within Her Eyes FF v1.1

Extra Opportunities

Dance Trip – March 2023

Summer Fair Show 2023

School Production – We Will Rock You

Inter-School Competition – 2023


Drama KS4 curriculum statement

KS4 Drama Curriculum Statement

drama ks4 curriculum

KS4 Drama Curriculum

drama year 11 2023/2024 key dates

Key info and dates year 11 GCSE Drama 2023_2024

GCSE Drama Specification

GCSE Drama Component 1 Assessment Grid

GCSE Drama Component 2 Assessment Grid

raising achievement evening

Yr11 Raising Achievement Eve Sept2022


Music Curriculum Statement

GCSE Music Specification

Curriculum Overview

GCSE Music Handbook

Yr11 Raising Achievement Evening


Eduqas Performing Pupil info chart

GCSE Performance Criteria (Eduqas)


Eduqas Composing Pupil info chart

GCSE Composition Marking Criteria (Eduqas)


GCSE Terminology (Eduqas)

Knowledge Organiser – Musical Elements

Set Works

J.S.Bach – Badinerie

Badinerie Score Bach

Badinerie Musical Analysis Eduqas

Background Notes to Badinerie

Badinerie – Audio

Toto – Africa

Africa Vocal Score

Africa Backgound Notes Eduqas

Africa Musical Analysis Eduqas

Africa – Audio

KS4 Opportunites

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons

Music Extra-Curricular

Extra Curricular Music Clubs

Summer Fair Show 2023

School Production – We Will Rock You

Inter-School Competition – 2023

raising achievement evening

Yr11 Raising Achievement Evening

Yr11 Raising Achievement Eve Sept2022

Performing/Expressive Arts Apprenticeships

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