The Careers Hub is responsible for Impartial Information, Advice and Guidance (IIAG) across the Academy. We organise work experience, guide students with accurate careers and course information, promote self-reflection and self-understanding. Developing cross-curricular structures to help students understand how to access careers and courses at a variety of levels is also an important part of our work.

We endeavour to help students with application and interview techniques as well as career and course research; and we actively promote the development and knowledge of transferable skills within subject areas.

We use the Gatsby Benchmarks in unison with the Compass Tool to evaluate our programme to ensure it meets the required standards. We have also been assessed by OFSTED (Outstanding) and DCC (5 Star Award) for excellent practice.

We are open to providers of apprenticeships, vocational courses, technical education and other routes. If you would like to present to students about your opportunities please read our policy on provider awareness here: Provider Access Statement

Baron Miles is the member of staff responsible for Careers Education at the Academy.

Sally Baker is a Careers Advisor along with Baron.

Clair Oetegenn is our Careers and Guidance Coordinator.

Clare Hughes is our Aspirations Employability Diploma (AED) Lead

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Careers Information Advice Guidance Policy

Aspirations Employability Diploma


Based on the classic Myers-Briggs or Holland Code tests, students can use these quizzes to get them thinking about different careers in a fun and engaging way. Answering the questions encourages students to reflect on their likes, dislikes and what they’re good at, making the test a valuable tool to use with KS3 & 4 as well as KS5.

How does it work?
Once students have taken the quiz, they’re shown their closest match personality type as well as similar profiles. We’re really keen not to pigeonhole students so as well as showing similar personality types, we also suggest they retake the test every 6 months. This is to make sure students view their personality type as one aspect of a holistic view of themselves, rather than putting them in a box.

Unifrog Personality Profile

iCould Personality Quiz

Holland Personality Quiz

additional resources

Subject Related Careers Information for Students and Parents

Subject Related Careers Information for Teachers

useful links

job market data

The following weblinks will take you to the 17 job market sectors as classified by the ONS. We will be using them at Budmouth to develop our students’ knowledge of what jobs are currently out there.

Wholesale, retail trade and motor maintenance jobs

Health, social care and social work jobs

Legal, professional, scientific and technical jobs

Accommodation and catering jobs

Administrative and support services jobs

Education jobs

Construction and engineering jobs

Publishing, broadcasting, communication and computers jobs

Public sector and public services jobs

Art and culture, entertainment and sport jobs

Manufacturing jobs

Finance, insurance and banking jobs

Housing and Property jobs

Agriculture and food jobs

Mining and quarrying jobs

Energy and renewable jobs

Water, sewerage and waste management jobs

ONS Data by Industry

ONS Data

Job Sector Profiles

More on Aquaculture and Food

More on Property

More on Legal, Professional, Scientific and Technical

More on Hospitality and Catering


11 Skills You’ll Need Article

10 Future Skills Article

Aspirations Future Skills Poster

Future Skills in Depth

Why Cross-Cultural Competence Matters…

Engage People from any Culture.

Cross Cultural Competence Video

Cultural Competency Video

Sense Making

Sense Making Video

Features of Adaptive Thinking

What is Creative and Adaptive thinking?

Creative Thinking Video

Adaptive Thinking – when it matters most

Transdisciplinary Career Path

Transdisciplinary Teams Video

Transdisciplinary Approach to solve world problems

Superconcepts that transcend subjects

London Interdisciplinary School Overview


Dorset Apprenticeship Finder


Current models of business

New models of business ownership

Circular Economy

How to be an Entrepreneur

How to Invent

The Invention Process

How to get Investment in your Business

Dorset Business Support


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