The Future Skills are those abilities and attitudes that are seen as essential, as the workplace becomes more flexible, transitory and machine-orientated, for the success of our young people during the rest of the 21st century. The demand from employers and the demands of starting up our own personal enterprise will be for very human traits, but will require additional understanding and knowledge of technology.

We work these skills into our Applied-Transdisciplinary Learning curriculum in Year 7 and 8 and use them when writing a personal statement and CV in Year 9. Our Year 10 students will need to be able to talk about them in their mock interviews and may well use them in their work experience and Year 11 students will need to be thinking about them when they apply for their post-16 studies or training. In the 6th Form students will be applying these skills with the Aspirations Employability Diploma.

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Academy Improvement Plan

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