Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for the Sixth Form. This page contains all of the most regular questions we receive from parents,carers and students. We monitor requests regularly and add-in any questions that we feel need sharing here to support you. If you cannot find answers here please contact us.


Can I combine A level and BTEC courses?

Students are able to combine A Level and BTEC courses provided that they fit into the option blocks. Students can discuss their option choices during an advice and guidance consultation as part of the application process.

Am I allowed to change or drop subjects?

Once timetables are issued students will not be allowed to change or drop a subject unless there are exceptional circumstances. A form requesting to change or drop a subject during the first four weeks of term is available from the Assistant Principal (Sixth Form and Curriculum), and must be signed by parents/carers, and the subject Head of Department, before being returned. Following the first four weeks of term requests to drop or change subjects will not be considered.

What are Independent Study sessions?

Students will have Independent Study as part of their Sixth Form timetable. These lessons are planned to support students to achieve their very best. These should not be regarded as ‘free’ lessons but should be used to ensure work is completed to deadline, that work is being improved or revision or wider reading is being undertaken.


What enrichment activities are on offer?

We offer a wide range of enrichment activities. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the Academy community through our peer mentoring programme or supporting students in lower school tuition, being part of the student leadership team or being involved in Inter- School competitions. We also offer students the opportunity to tackle enrichment activities which could lead to additional qualifications such as the Extended Project Qualification. These can be focused around students’ particular skill sets or field of interest and are designed to be independent. We are also developing our Sixth form trips and visits opportunities and are always looking for ideas from students.

What is the NASA Programme?

Each year, Year 12 students from each of the Aspirations group of schools are invited to apply for the trip. The trip lasts 10 days, first flying into Houston and then on to Florida. It really is an amazing experience where students can experience and understand what it is like to be working at the frontier of science and to meet engineers, scientists and astronauts.

Every day is incredibly busy with trips to both Johnson and Kennedy Space centres. Students are expected to record their experiences through diaries and photos, allowing them to share it all with the wider community on their return, hopefully inspiring students to apply for the next trip.


Can Sixth Form students use mobile phones at the Academy?

Sixth Form students are permitted to use mobile phones within Sixth form designated spaces. Mobile phone use must not disturb other students, for example through the playing of music out loud. Mobile phones should be used primarily for educational research, and must not be visible at all on the rest of the Academy site, in order to comply with Academy policy.

Is there a dress code?

You are role models for the rest of the Academy and as such need to be smartly presented at all times. Identity cards with lanyards must be visible at all times.

Clothing must be daytime wear appropriate for an “office style” workplace. Sportswear should be worn for sporting activity only e.g. by PE students or during physical enrichment activities.

Visible tattoos and piercings are discouraged. If present they must be discreet.

The following may be helpful in clarifying what is and what is not appropriate;

  • Leggings or excessively tight clothing should only be worn if covered by appropriate length skirts (mid-thigh length as a minimum) or tops.
  • No light coloured, bleached or faded denim. If denim is worn it must be smart with no rips.
  • Shorts should be tailored and at least mid-thigh length.
  • No inappropriate footwear e.g. flip flops, excessively high heels.
  • No revealing tops. These may be sleeveless, but should not have narrow shoulder straps or be strapless/off the shoulder. Tops should not reveal stomachs.
  • No tracksuit trousers (unless for enrichment or physical activity).
  • No inappropriate logos.
  • No clothes with rips or tears.
  • No clothing that reveals underwear.
  • No extreme or excessive make-up, and jewellery or very extreme hair styles.

 What equipment will students need?

Students will need to purchase their own writing equipment such as pens, lined paper and folders to organise their notes made in class. These folders will be checked regularly by their Tutor and subject teacher so it’s important that they have the right equipment to keep their notes organised. They may also need to purchase textbooks specific to the subjects they’re studying.

Students who are eligible for the Bursary Fund may request financial support for all of the necessary equipment.

What are the timings of the Academy day?

Please see the link to the timing of the Academy day here.


Am I allowed offsite?

Students are permitted offsite during the Academy day, however attendance to morning registration, timetabled lessons, AED and study periods is compulsory. Students are also expected to sign in and out using their photo ID cards and can have the right to leave school site removed if they fail to reach certain requirements.

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