How a child settles into college, feels happy and secure and is encouraged to do well will determine their success. With this in mind, the college provides a holistic approach to student care which supports every student throughout their secondary career. The College seeks to empower students to be able to make a life for themselves that is fulfilling, enjoyable and responsible.

Every youngster will meet with their tutor before they join the college, and that tutor and their Head of Year will stay with them through Years 7 and 8, and the same tutor and new Head of Year is assigned throughout Key Stage 4, Years 9-11.

This relationship is vital as it allows the tutor to get to know the student and establish a continuity of care.

As well as their personal tutor, every student has an academic tutor with whom they meet on a regular basis throughout the year to monitor and discuss progress and achievement. Any problem can be discussed and targets set and these are then highlighted to the staff and parents.

The academy also has teams of trained Peer Mentors and Peer Mediators who work with students to make them feel secure and to resolve any issues they may have.

For further information about Pastoral Care at Budmouth please contact Mr P Lydford at

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