Easter Year 11 Support Sessions

The Key Stage 4 curriculum at Budmouth is made up of two parts:

  • Core curriculum subjects
  • Four Option subjects – with some direction of courses that have to be chosen. You must choose a first and second choice subject in each option column on the form – put a 1 for 1st choice & 2 for 2nd choice in each option column.

The core subjects you will study are: English Language; Maths; English Literature; Science; PSHEE & Core Citizenship; Core Ethics and Philosophy; and Core Sport.

Your programme of study allows you to achieve the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) requirements to support your future career progression.

year 11 success evening

Raising Achievement Evening letter 2020


year 11 update

Please click on the image below to download and view the Year 11 Exams, Mocks, and Support Update PowerPoint.

2021 GCSE Exam Changes

revision sessions


Revision Sessions Yr11
Activity Dept Day Time Venue
Yr11 English Revision English Monday After School Gallery
Yr11 Maths Revision Maths Tuesday 15:00 – 16:00 Hub Gallery
Yr11 GCSE Dance Expressive Arts Tuesday 2.30-3.30 E14
Year 11 Health and Soocial Care Health and Social Care Tuesday 2.30-3.30 B03/B09
German GCSE revision (TJJ) MFL Wednesday After school F27
Year 11 for GCSE Religious Studies RS Wednesday Week 2 After school Huts
Yr11 Science Science Wednesday After school TBA
GCSE History revision History Wednesday 8:00-8:30 and Lunchtime F06
Year 11 GCSE Music Coursework sessions Expressive Arts Wednesday 2.30-4 E21
Spanish GCSE revision MFL Wednesday 2.35-3.35pm
Year 11 GCSE Citizenship Revision Citizenship Thursday W1 1510-1600
GCSE Geography exam skills Geography Thursday 2.30-3.30 F01
French GCSE revision (CMC) MFL Thursday After school F10
German GCSE revision (SL) MFL Thursday After school F09
French GCSE revision (HJC) MFL Friday After school F11
Yr11 Revision for Technology Specialisms Technology (with Mr A Walker) Friday 3pm to 4pm D06
Revision for GCSE Business Business Friday After school Hub Gallery
GCSE PE Sport Friday 8-8.30 Hub Gallery

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