Year 11 Easter Revision Sessions

Easter Revision Sessions for Year 11 & 13 – Yr11

The Key Stage 4 curriculum at Budmouth is made up of two parts:

  • Core curriculum subjects
  • Four Option subjects – with some direction of courses that have to be chosen. You must choose a first and second choice subject in each option column on the form – put a 1 for 1st choice & 2 for 2nd choice in each option column.

The core subjects you will study are: English Language; Maths; English Literature; Science; PSHEE & Core Citizenship; Core Ethics and Philosophy; and Core Sport.

Your programme of study allows you to achieve the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) requirements to support your future career progression.

KS3-KS4 2022-23 Curriculum Overview

2 Week Timetable for Yr11 Intervention_Revision

Mock Exam Timetable November 2021

year 11 success evening

main presentation from raising achievement evening

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[Revision Skills]

Developing Good Habits

Learning from Experience

[Wellbeing, Healthy Body & Mind]

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