Job market data helps us to know what sectors and careers are growing and which are in decline. It can give us ideas of salary, where the jobs are and what is in demand. It can help us to know what skills are in demand and what we might target if we want to get a job we enjoy! Here are a few general sites

Dorset Careers Information

Sacu Student – you will need an account

ONS Data by Industry

ONS Data

Job Sector Profiles

LMI for all – we have a widget for this below!

Dorset Key Sector Employment Information

Dorset Health and Social Sector – live information

Dorset Financial Sector – live information

Dorset Professional, Science, Tech and IT Sector – live information

Dorset Tourism, Food and Beverage Sector – live information

Dorset Green Economy Sector – live information

Dorset Manufacturing and Engineering Sector – live information

Labour Market Information

The following weblinks will take you to the 17 job market sectors as classified by the ONS. We will be using them at Budmouth to develop our students’ knowledge of what jobs are currently out there.

Wholesale, retail, trade and motor sector

Wholesale, retail trade and motor maintenance jobs

Dorset Retail Information

Health, social care and social work sector

Health, social care and social work jobs

Dorset Health and Social Care Information

Legal, professional, scientific and technical sector

Legal, professional, scientific and technical jobs

More on Legal, Professional, Scientific and Technical

Skills for data science jobs

Top 10 Data Science Companies

Accommodation, hospitality and catering sector

Accommodation, hospitality and catering jobs

More on Hospitality and Catering

Dorset Hospitality Information

Administrative and support service sector

Administrative and support services jobs

Education sector

Education jobs

Construction and engineering sector

Construction and engineering jobs

Dorset Engineering Information

Publishing, broadcasting, communication and computers sector

Publishing, broadcasting, communication and computers jobs

Dorset Information Technology Information

Public sector and public service sector

Public sector and public services jobs

Dorset Council Careers

Civil Service Careers

Police Careers

Fire Service Recruitment

Dorset Public Service Information

Art and culture, entertainment and sport sector

Art and culture, entertainment and sport jobs

Dorset Creative and Digital Information

Manufacturing sector

Manufacturing jobs

Dorset Manufacturing Information

Finance, insurance and banking sector

Finance, insurance and banking jobs

Dorset Finance and Insurance Information

Housing and property sector

Housing and Property jobs

More on Property

Agriculture and food sector

Agriculture and food jobs

More on Aquaculture and Food

Dorset Agritech and Food Information

Mining and quarrying sector

Mining and quarrying jobs

Energy and renewable sector

Energy and renewable jobs

Water sewerage and waste management sector

Water, sewerage and waste management jobs

Dorset Waste, Recycling and Environment Information

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