As a result of technological progress and demographic changes (ageing population, more diverse ethnicity etc), more than six million people in the UK are currently employed in occupations that are likely to change radically or disappear entirely by 2030. Without immediate action, there’s a risk these people will be trapped in insecure, low-value, low-pay employment – or worse, forced out of work altogether. We need to ensure our young people are clear about these changes and can make sure they learn the right values and the future skills to maintain their employability and their ability to create. More on this can be seen in the links below.

Nesta Video on the Future of Work

WEF Video on Future Jobs

Green Jobs of the Future

Data Science Jobs of the Future

Future of Work Articles from Business Advisors, Deloitte

Institute for the Future of Work

The OECD on the Future of Work

The RSA on the Future of Work


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Academy Improvement Plan

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