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Budmouth Academy
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Staff list

Teaching staff

See below for a list of teaching staff.
David Herbert Principal
Allen Elizabeth Art & Design / Citizenship
Andow Kelly Performing Arts - Dance
Barratt Anna Business Studies
Beardsmore Valarie English / History / Music
Baines Jeremy Maths
Bassett Stephen English
Bell Michael Science
Bell Sian History
Bullock Richard Sports
Bunker Jonathan English
Caldwell Annabelle Business Studies
Calloch Edwige Languages
Carter Julia Science
Carter Lesley Performing Arts - Drama
Cartwright Emma Art & Design
Castilla-Aguilera Larua Languages
Cavill Mark English
Clark Andrew Geography / Geology
Clent Justine Media
Coombes Helen Languages
Davidson Nicola Maths
Davidson Peter Geography
Davies Lucy English
Davies-Burt Angela Business Studies
De La Haye Luke Sport
Dennis Stuart Maths
Driver Chloe English
Eames David History
Edwards Richard Science
Elson Lisa Art & Design
Fabbri Elizabeth D&T Textiles
Field Samantha Science
Gasnola Zacaria ICT
Graves Lorraine English
Grech Louise Science
Guppy Jayne Maths / Sport
Hadgett Philip Science
Bryant-Harries James Maths
Hayter Marie History
Hayward Rose ASC Base
Henman Mark Geography
Hooper Joseph English
Hudson Peter Art & Design
Ives Sophie English
James Emily Science
Jones Rachel History / Sociology
Jones Tracey Languages
Larrett Dawn Counselling
Lawson Rene D&T Graphics
Lewis Simon Languages
Light Daniel Science
Longland Holly Health & Social Care
Lydford Peter Maths
Lydford Sian Health & Social Care
Marks Susannnah Science
McCarthy Peter Director of Inclusion
Miles Baron History / Careers
Miller Andrea English
Mitchell Alastair Science
Morris Samuel Sport
Parker Sonya D&T Testiles
Parkes Laura English
Paton Hannah Maths
Pick Martin Geography
Poole Keiran Maths
Pothecary Harrison Geography
Quarmby Joanne Science
Raymont Jan English
Richardson Giles Art & Design
Roberts Nicky English
Ross Isobel Languages
Samways Hannah History
Sandrey Ellie Sport
Sheppard Kate Performing Arts - Drama
Shuttleworth Sarah Performing Arts - Music
Skipper Martin Science
Smale Teresa D&T Graphics
Stone Clare D&T Food
St John Brind Jamie Psychology - Subject Lead
Temple Sam Geography
Tennant Kathryn Religious Studies
Trott Shelley Performing Arts - Dance
Walker Anthony D&T Resistant Materials
Walker Matthew D&T Resistant Materials
Warr Jennifer Assistant Principal
Whisker Oliver Politics, History and Citizenship
White Bryony Sport
White Kirsty Citizenship
Wibley Stephen Science
Williamson Amanda Science
Williamson Matthew Science

Support staff

See below for a list of support staff
Abbott Justin First Aid & H&S Co-Ordinator
Allen Jasmin Exculsion Room Manager
Ashmore Michelle SIMs Data and Cover Manager
Baghurst David Deputy Building Manager
Baker Julia Exams Officer
Bartlett Luke Pastoral Support Leader / DDSL Year 11
Beals Helen Teaching Assistant
Benson Hazel Teaching Assistant
Blowers Julie Technician Art/Senior Site Supervisor
Bowman Donna Science Technician
Brookes Imogen Teaching Assistant
Bradshaw Laraine Progress Leader Administration Yr 9, 10 & 11
Brown Deborah Cover Manager
Carter Lorraine Reprographics
Ciantar Marcel CEIL Director
Cockings Jan 6th Form Admin
Collister Caroline Literacy Co-ordinator
Coughlan Maureen Teaching Assistant
Cumes Nikki Teaching Assistant
Dale Katie 6th Form Study Room Supervisor
Dansey Ron Site Buildings Manager
Daws Rachel 6th Form/CEIL Admin
Elliott Linda Resources Centre Deputy Manager
Ford Cheryl Teaching Assistant
Ford Sarah Examinations Officer
Fry Joan HR & Finance Assistant Director
Gardner Zoe Senior Science Technician
Gow Elaine Reprographics
Gulliver Sally Teaching Assistant
Hansford Maria Teaching Assistant
Hetherington Sara Teaching Assistant
Hill Alan Resources Centre Manager
Hoon David Site Manager
Howard Carol-Anne Teaching Assistant Aspergers
Hughes Claire CEIL Operations Admin Manager
Johnson Andrea Teaching Assistant Aspergers
Kirby Dawn Pastoral Support Leader Yr 9/DDSL
Lawrence Alison Pastoral Support Leader - Deputy Head of Year 9
Leigh Olive Student Support
Lister Mandy Teaching Assistant
Oetegenn Clair Administrator to Heads of Year - Attenborough and Hawking
Parsons Vicki Teaching Assistant
Pearce Terese Teaching Assistant
Rainback Zillah Designated Safeguarding Lead
Reed Charlotte Director of Business and Support Services
Roberts Deb Pastoral Support Leader Yr 7/DDSL
Robson Elaine Teaching Assistant Aspergers
Sapsworth Paul Assistant Site Manager
Sheppard Aileen Student Attendance Officer
Stacey Sarah Teaching Assistant
Stoodley Juliet Teaching Assistant
Taylor Jane Pastoral Support Leader/DDSL Year 8
Tewkesbury Susanne Finance Officer
Vincent Lucy Student Administrator/DDSL
Walsh Julie Teaching Assistant
Wellaway Mary ELSA/HLTA
Wilkinson Jonathan Performing Arts Technician
Werndley Christine Teaching Assistant
Whatley Lynne Teaching Assistant
Williams Catherine Principal's PA
Wisden Alison Reception Clerical Assistant

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