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Budmouth Academy
Chickerell Road
Dorset DT4 9SY

Main Office
Mrs D Brown - Front Office Manager
Mrs L Churchill - Front Office Receptionist & Administrator
01305 830500
Mon-Thurs: 8:30am - 4:00pm
Fri: 8:30am - 3:30pm
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Mrs J Whitehead - Student Attendance Officer
01305 830502

Sixth Form
Mrs J Cockings - Sixth Form Admin Officer
01305 830560

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Staff list

Senior Leadership Team

Hoffmann Mike Principal
Hudson Peter Vice Principal
Cavill Mark Vice Principal
Midworth Philip Associate Principal
Emms Sally Vice Principal/SENDCO
Carter Lesley Assistant Principal - Head of Shelley
Ives Sophie Assistant Principal - Head of Hawking
Guppy Jayne Assistant Principal - Head of Attenborough
Pring Pete Assistant Principal - Head of Turing
Morris Sam Director of Sixth Form
Reed Charlotte Director of Business & Support Services
Williamson Matthew Assistant Principal, Subject Coordinator for Science & STEM Strategy

Teaching staff

See below for a list of teaching staff.
Allen Elizabeth Art & Design Teacher
Andow Kelly Health & Social Care Teacher & 6th Form Pastoral Leader
Baker Tabitha English Teacher
Beardsmore Valerie Cover Supervisor
Bain Natalie Lead Practitioner Maths
Baines Jeremy Business Studies Teacher
Bassett Stephen English Teacher
Bell Michael Assistant Deputy Subject Coordinator Science
Bezant James Deputy Subject Coordinator Humanities
Bugler Louise Deputy Subject Coordinator for PE
Bullock Richard Subject Coordinator for PE
Bungay Ade Science Teacher
Butcher Kevin Maths Teacher
Caldwell Annabelle Subject Leader - Business Studies
Calloch Edwige MFL Teacher
Carter Julia Science Teacher
Cartwright Emma Subject Leader - Art & Design
Castilla-Aguilera Laura MFL Teacher
Childs Katherine English Teacher
Chutter Eleanor English Teacher
Collins Lois Maths / Sport Teacher - Behaviour and Ethos Coordinator for Attenborough
Coombes Helen MFL Teacher
Coughtrey Connie Subject Leader Spanish/Deputy SENDCo
David Andy Director of Student Leadership and Engagement
Davidson Nicola Deputy Subject Coordinator Maths
Davidson Peter Head of Student Experience Sixth Form
Davies Angela Business Studies Teacher
De La Haye Luke Sport Teacher - Behaviour and Ethos Coordinator for Hawking
Edwards Richard Science Teacher
Etherington Alice Practitioner in English/Maths Nurture Teacher
Ellis Tia English Teacher
England Lucy Subject Coordinator - English
Elson Lisa Art & Design Teacher
Evans Hannah Subject Leader Sociology
Fabbri Elizabeth Deputy Subject Coordinator D&T
Fowler Christopher Computer Science & DT Teacher
Gardner Karen MFL Teacher
Golby Jane Deputy Director of 6th Form - Law Teacher
Grech Louise Science Teacher
Hayter Harriet Subject Leader EP
Henman Mark Geography Teacher
Hooper Joseph Deputy Subject Coordinator English
James Emily Science Teacher
James Richard History Teacher
Jones Tracey Deputy Subject Coordinator MFL
Jones Yasmin Science Teacher
Lea Mal Lead Practitioner Science
Legg Rory PE Teacher
Longland Holly Subject Leader Health and Social Care
Marks Susannah Deputy Subject Coordinator Science
Marsh Anna Performing Arts Teacher
Mecquenem-Clarke De Emma Science Teacher
Miles Baron Subject Leader Careers
Miles-Simmonite Jayne Lead Practitioner History
Milligan Lorraine D&T Teacher
Mitchell Alastair Science Teacher
Norman Paul Director of Technology
Olson Eric Geography Teacher
Paton Hannah Maths Teacher
Phipps Mark Head of Outdoor Education
Pick Martin Subject Coordinator Humanities
Pothecary Harrison Geography Teacher - Behaviour and Ethos Coordinator for Shelley
Prince Robin Maths Teacher
Pring Peter Head of Turing
Quarmby Joanne Science Teacher
Randell Sarah E&P Teacher
Ray Joanna PE Teacher
Redding Annie PE Teacher
Richards Stephen Geography Teacher
Richards Vicky Maths Teacher
Richardson Giles Art & Design Teacher
Riley Tammy Maths Teacher
Roberts Nicky English Teacher - Leader of ATL Curriculum KS3
Roberts Sophie Subject Coordinator MFL/Subject Leader French
Rule Simon Maths Teacher
Sheppard Kate Assistant Director of Sixth Form - Performing Arts
Shuttleworth Sarah Deputy Coordinator Expressive Arts
Smale Teresa D&T Teacher
Stone Clare D&T Teacher
Stone George Subject Coordinator Maths
St John Brind Jamie Subject Leader Psychology
Symes Adam D&T Teacher
Trott Shelley Subject Coordinator Expressive Arts
Turner Nadine Lead Practitioner Science
Walker Anthony D&T Teacher
Walker Matthew D&T Teacher
Webber Jordan Humanities Teacher & Behaviour and Ethos Coordinator for Turing
Wiles Samantha Science Teacher
Williams Mark Lead Practitioner English
Williamson Amanda Lead Practitioner Science
Wood Mark Maths Teacher
Young Kelly English Teacher

Support staff

See below for a list of support staff
Abbott Justin First Aid & Health & Safety Coordinator
Apsey Steve ICT Technician
Ashmore Michelle SSI for CCF
Baghurst David Senior Site Manager
Baker Julia Exams Officer
Benson Hazel Cover Supervisor
Best Lisa Creative Technician
Bowman Donna Science Technician
Brown Deborah Main Office Manager & Student Administrator
Bullard Gary Senior IT Technician
Burgoyne Luke ICT Technician
Cacau Dave Site Assistant
Cairns-Wellman Lucy ASC Base Teaching Assistant
Cameron Karen ASC Base Teaching Assistant
Carter Jack Cover Supervisor
Carter Lorraine Reprographics
Cater Sarah ASC Base Teaching Assistant
Cheeseman James Behaviour and Engagement
Churchill Lucy Main Office Receptionist & Administrator
Cockings Jan 6th Form Admin
Cumes Nikki LIFT Intervention Coordinator
Elliott Linda Resources Centre Deputy Manager
Ford Cheryl Teaching Assistant
Fox Mitchell Pastoral Support Leader for Attenborough/DDSL
Gardner Zoe Principal Technician
Goodrick Edward Cover Supervisor & Teaching Assistant
Gondova Zuzana SALT & Social Skills Coordinator
Harris Kirsty Principal's PA and Data Manager
Hetherington Sara Learning Support Centre Manager
Hicks Loraine Senior Cover Supervisor
Hill Alan Resources Centre Manager & Attendance Welfare Officer
Hoon David Site Manager
Hughes Claire Aspirations Employability Diploma Lead
Kinson Leeanne ASC Base Teaching Assistant
Kirby Dawn Pastoral Support Leader Turing/DDSL
Kirlew Toni ASC Base Team Leader
Kuziakova Viktoriia Teaching Assistant/Ukrainian Support Assistant
Larrett Dawn Student Counsellor
Lawrence Alison Student Support Centre Manager
Leigh Ollie Student Support Centre Assistant
McDonald Ellen Art Technician
Oetegenn Clair Careers and Guidance Coordinator
Parsons Elliot ASC Base Teaching Assistant
Parsons Vicki Teaching Assistant
Rendall Xander Teaching Assistant
Roberts Debra Pastoral Support Leader Shelley/DDSL
Roberts Gareth Pastoral Support Leader Hawking/DDSL
Robson Elaine DT Technician
Stacey Sarah Teaching Assistant
Stroud Rhian Performing Arts Technician
Tewkesbury Susanne Finance Officer
Thornhill Michelle Teaching Assistant
Toombs Melanie ASC Base Teaching Assistant
Vincent Lucy HR/Payroll Officer
Walsh Julie Teaching Assistant
Wellaway Mary ELSA/HLTA
Whitehead Jane Schools Pastoral Admin and Attendance Office



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