The computer and digital sector is a rapidly expanding part of our global economy. It offers a range of careers using experts from the humanities, art and design and languages as well as the more obvious science and technology subjects. Companies in this area are increasingly thinking about sustainability, equity, neurodiversity and accessibility and this gives young people a huge opportunity to get involved with changing things for the better. In this area you will learn about digital product development and the mindset to always be improving a product, service or business. You will be supported by Octopus Farm and Dopplle.

Job Market Data
Around 3.4% of jobs required in 2024 will be in directly in Computers and Digital
About 3.5% of people aged 17-18 want to work in the sector according to an ONS survey from 2021
For more information on the job market have a look at the complete ONS data

Driving Question: How is Product Management used to grow a Digital Business?

Project Guide:COMPUTER AND DIGITAL sector: Project Guide Slides

Immersion Event: Stakeholder Analysis

Part 1: A deeper look at the Digital Industry and Digital Product Management?
TASK: Produce a report on the jobs within the sector

Part 2: Audience Identification
TASK: Identify your market, create Customer Personas and Target Market Profile.

Part 3: Market Research
TASK: Identify and Evaluate Competitors

Part 4: Product Ideation
TASK: Create product ideas to appeal to your target market

Part 5: Product Design and Prototyping
TASK: Design and create a model of your product

Part 6: Product Testing and Continuous Improvement
TASK: Create a feedback report and improve prototype

Live visit to feedback and testing session

Part 7: Marketing and Distribution
TASK: Plan a Product Launch Event

Part 8: Pitching
TASK: Develop, practice and deliver your product pitch.

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