This sector includes massive projects such as building new generation green power generators to smaller scale, but incredibly important, nanobot engineers and everything in between. In this project you will learn about the engineering process: solving problems through idea generation, research, prototyping and testing and constant improvement and, finally, sustainable disposal. This has been created alongside BAE Systems.

Job Market Data
7.5% of jobs required in 2024 will be in Construction and Engineering
7.5% of people aged 17-18 want to work in the sector according to an ONS survey from 2021
For more information have a look at the complete ONS data

Project Driving Question:

Project Guide: ENGINEERING sector: Project Guide Slides

Immersion Event: The Engineering Process

Part 1: A deeper look into construction and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector

Part 2a: Design
TASK: Create an Engineering Design 

Part 2b: Prototyping
TASK: Build a Prototype Drone

Part 2c: Testing
TASK: Test the Prototype Drone

Part 2d: Improving the Design
TASK: Redesign your Product Based on Test Results

Part 2e: Disposal
TASK: Create a Strategy to Dispose of the Product Sustainably

Live visit to present solution to Engineers
Part 3: Present
TASK: Present your solution 

Final Evaluation

Where next

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