This is probably one of the widest sectors of careers that we cover. Areas include Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Science, Marine Science, Genetics, Nanotechnology, Metallurgy and many more. It is a key sector that keeps nations at the forefront of economic and technological development and can have a dramatic impact on our lives. In this project you will delve into a crime scene and use various scientific techniques to understand how you would manage and investigate a crime scene as a Forensic Scientist.

Driving Question: How would you manage a major crime scene within your local, regional or national community?

Project Guide: Science sector: Project Guide Slides

Immersion Event: The Crime Scene

Part 1: A deeper look into the Scientific sector and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector

Part 2a: Chemical Techniques in Forensics
TASK: Create an instructional video

Part 2b: Physical Techniques in Forensics
TASK: Solve Kinematics and Handwriting Investigations

Part 2c: Biological Techniques in Forensics
TASK: Create a Portfolio of Evidence

Part 2d: Live Visit Crime Scene
TASK: Investigate Record the Evidence at the Crime Scene

Part 3: Major Crime Scene Investigation Manual
TASK: Create a Crime Scene Investigation Manual

Part 3a: Presentation
TASK: Present your Manual

Final Evaluation

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