There are many more career opportunities in the legal profession than just solicitor and barrister. They include paralegals, chartered legal executives, apprentices, legal secretaries, licensed conveyancers, legal executives, notaries, cost lawyers, patent and trade mark attorneys, special constables, police officers, sergeants, inspectors, legal support staff, judges, justices of the supreme court, magistrates and coroners. Not all legal jobs are at law firms; they might be in the public sector, with private companies or with charities. The legal profession is beginning to offer apprenticeships and new frameworks are being developed. The legal services and advice occupations are increasing in number. They deliver a wide range of services in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. In this project, you will work through a case of legal issues with a business and solve some of their problems with the Disputes, Corporate Tax and Negotiation Departments

  1. Introductory Sessions (2hrs)
    Driving Question: How does a law firm support a family with a missing person case?
    Part 1: What are the team roles in this type of case?
    Part 2: Support the family with the case
  2. Project (20hrs)
    Project Brief
    Driving Question: How does a legal company support businesses in Corporate Law?

Immersion Event: Meet the Client
-Business Case Study

Part 1: A deeper look into the Legal Sector and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector
-Introductory Slides
-Meet the Job videos:
iCould Law Videos
-Here are a couple of very helpful websites to research careers in the sector:
Prospects: Law Careers
National Careers Service: Law and Legal

Part 2a: Disputes

Part 2b: Negotiations and Advice
-Research Sites
-Example Negotiations

Part 2c: Corporate Tax

Part 2d: Non-Billable Work
TASK: Write a blog post on the use of AI in Law
6 Ways the Legal Sector is Using AI
What Makes a Good Blog Post?

Part 4: Presentation
TASK: Present your legal solutions to your client

Final Evaluation

Where next

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