According to Statista in August 2022 the sales value of retailing in the UK amounted to £36.73billion. Retail has been described as ‘the sale of goods to the public for use or consumption, rather than for resale.’ It encompasses shops, department stores, supermarkets, market stalls, door-to-door salespeople and internet retailers. Whether you’re aiming for a career in a customer-facing role or a position in head office, the sector has plenty of opportunities, from dealing with day-to-day customer care and generating sales to influencing trends and making strategic business decisions and from designing the layout of the stores to the creation of an online shop or app. In this project you will learn, from the experts at The Running Outlet, how to create an original retail experience to offer something the internet cannot as well as designing an online portal for the business. Use the Project Guide to support you through the project.

Project Driving Question: How can we design and set up an original retail business to compete with online shopping?

Project Guide: RETAIL sector: Project Guide Slides

Immersion Event: Design a Product for Athletes

Part 1: A deeper look into Retail and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector

Part 2a: The Retail Experience and Branding
TASK: Create an Original Brand and Retail Experience

Part 2b: Costs and Basic Survival Needs
TASK: Complete a Cost/Survival Analysis

Part 2c: The Importance of Store Design
TASK: Design an Effective Store Floor Plan and Display
Live Visit Store Floor Planning and Display

Part 2d: The Importance of an Online Presence
TASK: Design an Online Portal/App

Part 2e: The Use of Social Media
TASK: Devise a Social Media Campaign

Part 3: Presentation
TASK: Present your overall Retail Proposition

Final Evaluation

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