The Civil Service is the body of personnel that supports the national and local governance of the United Kingdom. This includes supporting ministers at the highest level of government, to delivering services that directly impact the public. It employs over 510,000 people in a range of departments from culture and sport, energy and the environment, work and pensions, housing and communities, to foreign affairs and national security. The median pay for someone working in the Civil Service is just over £30,000. Information about this can be found here. The project in this area will be looking at policy development from idea generation to impact and from research to recommendation. Students will also write a speech for the minister to launch the policy.

Driving Question: How do we shape a policy to fight climate change fairly and equitably?

Project Guide: CIVIL SERVICE AND ADMINISTRATION sector: Project Guide Slides

Immersion Event: The Policy Sprint

Part 1: A deeper look into Administration and the Support Services and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector

Live tour of Whitechapel or County Council Offices

Part 2a: Narrow the Focus
TASK: Create a Policy Options Comparison

Part 2b: Real Life Impacts
TASK: Complete a Impact Assessment and a Protected Characteristics Impact Assessment

Part 2c: The Importance of Social Research
TASK: Evaluate the Response of the Public

Part 2d: Recommendations for Ministers
TASK: Create a Recommended Course of Action Document

Part 2e: Interest Groups Communication Strategy
TASK: Write a press release

Part 2f: Communicating and Launching the Policy
TASK: Write a Speech for the public

Part 3: Presentation
TASK: Present your overall findings and deliver the speech

Final Evaluation

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