In 2020 the agri-food sector in the United Kingdom accounted for a total estimated £115bn within the economy. This sector includes the technology and engineering around the farms, such as drone and tractor development, as well as the work of farms and those that create and sell food-based products. Employment in the agri-food sector grew by 0.6% over the 12-month period to the fourth quarter of 2021 to just over 4 million. Work includes developing more resistant and productive plants, creating alternative foods to meat, designing drones, operating farm machinery and planning the farm as well as manufacturing food products. In this project you will be looking to create a more sustainable farm, using technology to enhance your farm and considering other uses for your land to maintain a profit.

Job Market Data
13% of jobs required in 2024 will be in Agriculture and Food
3% of people aged 17-18 want to work in the sector according to an report from 2021
For more information on the job market have a look at the complete ONS data

Project Guide: AGRICULTURE AND FOOD sector: Project Guide Slides
Driving Question: How do we create a more sustainable farm?

Immersion Event: Farm Visit and Investigation

Part 1: A deeper look into Agriculture and Food and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector

Part 2a: Sustainability in Farming
TASK: Complete a SWOT Analysis of Sustainability in Farming

Part 2b: Technology and Automation in Farming
TASK: Improve Machinery Design

Part 2c: Plant Diversity and Sustainability
TASK: Create a Planting Calendar and Plan

Part 2d: Environmental Impact Assessment
TASK: Complete an Environmental Impact Assessment

Part 2e: Marketing, Sales and Diversification
TASK: Create a marketing strategy to increase your profits

Part 3a: Plan, Design and Model
TASK: Create a plan, design and model for your farm

Final Evaluation

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