Careers in the Housing and Property sector vary from the design and development of neighbourhoods and their construction right through to the buying and selling, management and the maintenance of the buildings. Housing and property developments are changing in response to the challenges of climate change, the shift in working patterns, such as working from home, the ageing population and the depletion of the high street. As the population in the UK grows and changes, so does the need for new and better neighbourhood developments around the UK. In this project, created alongside Michael Grubb Studio, you will design a place where families can live affordably, with close access to transport, amenities, schools, etc; without endangering local wildlife, respecting the environment and offering good quality of life and community for all.

  1. Introductory Sessions (2hrs)
    Driving Question: How do you develop an affordable, sociable and environmentally-friendly neighbourhood?
    Part 1: What are the pros and cons of pre-existing neighbourhoods?
    Part 2: Design a neighbourhood
  2. Project (20hrs)
    Project Brief
    Driving Question: How do you develop a new neighbourhood for your town?

Immersion Event: Local Neighbourhood Visit
-Key Requirements Spotter Guide
-Key Questions
-Assessment Table

Part 1: A deeper look into Housing and Property and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector
-Introductory Slides
-Meet the Job videos:
-Here are a couple of very helpful websites to research careers in the sector:
Pathways to Property Video

Part 2a: Great Spaces Case Studies
TASK: Create a Great Spaces Reel
-Great Spaces Slide Show
-Why do developers look at great spaces? A video
-Great Spaces Key Questions
Great Spaces Design Examples

Part 2b: Key Requirements for Neighbourhood Design
TASK: Create a Requirements Index
-Key Requirements Video Guide
Neighbourhood Case Studies

Part 2c: Researching the Context of the New Neighbourhood
TASK: Create a Locality Guide Document
-The Purpose of a Locality Guide Video
-Context Research Guide

Part 2d: Designing the Neighbourhood Plan
TASK: Create a Neighbourhood Plan
Design In Neighbourhood Planning Guide
-Key Elements to include in your plan

Part 2e: Designing the Homes
TASK: Design the Exterior of Four Homes
Low Cost Housing Design Website
Ten Mixed-Income Housing Ideas
-Mixed Housing Slides
Why Mixed Income Housing? David Fink at TEDxBushnellPark

Part 3a: Marketing the Neighbourhood
TASK: Create a Sales Pitch or Marketing Campaign
5 Step Marketing Plan for Residential Development Projects Selling Off the Plan

Part 3b: Presentation
TASK: Present your overall pitch or campaign

Final Evaluation

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