Many of the projects in the AWED will ask you to complete a report or brochure to go alongside your products, artefacts or prototypes.

A report is a short piece of heavily structured writing designed to lay out facts and evidence to look at issues, situations, events or findings. Reports are informative texts that aim to analyse different topics with a specific purpose and audience in mind. These will usually be more objective – looking at the pros and cons of a solution before reaching a conclusion.

A brochure, on the other hand, is usually designed as a piece of marketing by a company to advertise its products or services. They will usually be filled with colour and large, eye-catching images that best show off the company. They can be detailed with more information than a regular advert and maybe a way of comparing different products with the same business.

Below are some links to guide you in creating a report or brochure and a few examples for you to look at for illustration purposes.

Report/Brochure Writing Guidance
Six Types of Report
How to Write a Report Blog
How to Write a Report Video
What is a Brochure?
How to Write a Brochure
How to Create a Digital Brochure Video

Report Writing Examples
The examples below are just to illustrate layout and to show that these documents are used in a real range of industries.
Civil Service Report
Construction Report
Health Report
Retail Report

Brochure Examples
The links below are also designed for you to see what types of things go into a brochure and what a good layout looks like.
Brochure Search Page
Retail Brochure
Tilbury Douglas Construction Brochure

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