As Europe’s leading market for sport and sports tech, the UK provides many career opportunities. Innovation in athlete performance tracking, such as wearable technology, advanced sensors, and GPS tracking has been embraced by UK sports teams. Activity data and analytics is transforming how athletes train, compete and manage their careers. AI is being used to enhance performance and fresh opportunities exist in the development and application of such technology. There are around 1,000 high performance sport jobs spanning a range of organisations operating right across the UK such as UK Sport, the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association. The UK’s globally renowned sporting events provide opportunities for businesses in media consumption, distribution, sales, and marketing. Gaming and esports offer significant and growing opportunities for sports teams and leagues to attract the next generation of sports fans. There are also 160,000 people employed in looking after people’s fitness.

Job Market Data
2.5% of jobs required in 2024 will be in the Sport Sector
10% of people aged 17-18 want to work in the sector according to an ONS survey from 2021
For more information have a look at the complete ONS data

Project Driving Question: What are the key functions of a Premier League football club?

Project Guide: SPORT sector: Project Guide Slides

Immersion Event: Design and plan the stadium and facilities of a new complex of facilities for AFC Bournemouth

Part 1: A deeper look into sport and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector

Part 2a: Coaching
TASK: Design, plan and deliver a coaching session

Live visit to coach young people

Part 2b: Physiotherapy
TASK: Create a video diary about an injury recovery

Part 2c: Nutrition
TASK: Design a Sustainable Menu

Part 2d: Marketing and Merchandising the Club
TASK: Create a Marketing/Merchandising Strategy

Part 2e: Sports Technology
TASK: Design a technology catalogue

Part 3: Present
TASK: Present your modernisation plans

Final Evaluation

Where next

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