The UK’s creative industries sector contributed £109 billion to the economy in 2021. Accounting for 2.29 million creative industry jobs in the year to September 2021, the sector workforce has remained strong through a tough period. Working in the sector, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue practical roles such as an artist, actor or interior designer, or administrative or managerial jobs such as an arts administrator or museum curator. There’s an increasing overlap with the media and information technology (IT) sectors in relation to the use of digital technology to produce and deliver creative content. This is noticeable in roles such as web designer, animator and game designer. You’ll also find a crossover between this sector and marketing, advertising and PR, with advertising in particular considered a key component of the creative industries. In this project you will learn how to take your movie pitch from concept to release.


  1. Introductory Sessions (2hrs)
    Driving Question: How do you create and present a pitch for a film?
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
  2. Project (20hrs)
    Project Brief
    Driving Question: How do you develop a film from pitch to release?

Immersion Event: Live Virtual Workshop with Screen and Film School

Part 1: A deeper look into Arts, Entertainment and Culture and the roles available
TASK: Create a report on the jobs available in the sector
-Introductory Slides
-Meet the Job videos:
iCould Videos
Creative Arts job profile: Graphic Designer
Creative Arts job profile: Choreographer and Dancer
Creative Arts job profile: Theatre Producer
Creative Arts job profile: Sound Engineer
Creative Arts job profile: Graffiti Artist
THEATRE DIRECTOR | Make It Into: Creative Arts
FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHER | Make It Into: Creative Arts
-Here are a couple of very helpful websites to research careers in the sector:

Part 2a: The Pitch
TASK: Create a Movie Pitch Video
How to Pitch a Movie

Part 2b: The Script
TASK: Write a Ten Minute Script
How to Write a Short Film Script

Part 2c: The Story Boards
TASK: Draw and Design Storyboards
How to Create a Film Storyboard
Easily Storyboard Your Movie!

Part 2d: The Cast and Crew
TASK: Assemble an Ideal Cast and Crew
-Cast and Crew Exercise Guide

Part 2e: The Locations
TASK: Select and Plan your Locations
-Locations Exercise Guide

Part 2f: Filming
TASK: Shoot your Movie
Filming Tips for Beginners

Part 2g: Post-Production
TASK: Edit your Movie
Guide to Post-Production

Part 3: Marketing your Movie
TASK: Create a Marketing Plan
How to Market Your Short Film

Final Evaluation

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